The Company

Nano4Energy is a technology based company founded in 2010 byrotatable-plasma-cimg0138 a group of young scientists and engineers active in the European research and industrial fields, under the scientific advice from a very experienced senior researcher and supported by current collaborations within international research institutions and companies.

We have the knowledge, experience and contacts to develop your ideas.

We do consultancy work and develop products in the sector of vacuum plasma deposition and material science as well as commission based R&D work, throughout the whole process from idea to a new product. We also have the possibility to do small series lego production during the the concept stage.magnetron

We understand the importance of good quality in order to obtain maximum value for money, therefore we have a network of highly quilified designers and workshops for the realization of every single component, such as 3D modelling, micro machining, precision welding and fabrication etc.

We have also access to clean room facilities for characterization and validation of our results and products.

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