The Company

Nano4Energy is an advanced technology R&D company in the area of thin film surface engineering.

We offer partnership in the whole R&D process for development of new plasma technology  for your specific needs in order to maximize quality and cost efficiency.

“We want our customers to share our excitement of improving the performance and quality of their processes and products by developing advanced deposition techniques beyond the current state of the art.”

Nano4Energy´s devotion to development of plasma technology has led to significant improvements of coating properties as well as productivity in every day manufacturing.  Due to the development of power supplies we have  the possibility to tailor the whole process to optimize every parameter. The knowledge has bee implemented in several industrial systems that are in the market today.

“The HiPIMS HiPlus function is a great example that have led to improvements in both properties and deposition rates, boosting the HiPIMS technology in industrial applications.”


We do consultancy work and develop products in the sector of vacuum plasma deposition and material science as well as commission based R&D work, throughout the whole process from idea to a new product. We also have the possibility to do small series concept production during the the development stage.

“We have the knowledge and experience to develop your ideas.”

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