Diamond Like Carbon (DLC)

DLC presents a very wide spread range of properties.

DLC coatings can be deposited without sample Bias with high hardness. Thus, DLC coatings can be applied to insulating substrates, such as plastics or glass.

An engineered compliant layer with using Ti and Cr enhances the coating adhesion up to 3 times previously reported valuesfor DLC.

The Technology

Positive Ion assisted magnetron sputtering

  • In magnetron sputtering-DLC deposition Ion bombardment plays a key role on the final coating properties
  • The authors have found that not only the ion bombardment but also the electron bombardment play key roles on the DLC growth. The use of magnetic and electric field and substrate location arrangements have enabled the authors to control ratio of positive ions and electron bombardment on the substrate.
  • High positive Ion Bombardment and low electron bombardment produce hard low stress DLC coatings. High electron plasma interaction produce softer DLC.
  • The deposition method has been successfully applied to DLC deposition of a variety of substrates such as tools, glass, plastic surfaces.




 Sample properiesdlc-4

  SEM cross sectionfig6

Adhesion on metal substrate with engineered compliant layer 



Adhesion tests



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