Unlocking Hydrogen potential with HiPIMS

High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering (HiPIMS) stands as the most advanced sputtering technique, elevating coating production to unprecedented levels. HiPIMS facilitates the deposition of notably denser coatings with an exceptional surface finish, surpassing conventional methods. Moreover, these coatings exhibit superior resistance to corrosion, underscoring their durability and longevity.

Our HiPIMS technology is accessible through our high-productivity inline systems. These inline systems ensure efficient and continuous HiPIMS coating processes, making it suitable for large size components. Whether you operate on a small or large scale within the hydrogen sector, our HiPIMS technology delivers top-tier performance, presenting a versatile solution for diverse coating requirements.

Our applications

PEM Fuel Cells

Nano4Energy provides carbon coatings designed specifically for PEMFC applications. These coatings demonstrate impressive durability under fuel starvation conditions, ensuring stable performance at high overpotentials. Our carbon coatings are available in high-throughput, cost-effective inline systems. These systems have the capacity to coat millions of bipolar plates annually.

Experience the benefits of superior coatings without compromising on productivity or cost. Upgrade your production with our inline systems, providing a seamless solution for scaling up your fuel cell assembly.

PEM Electrolyzers

Leveraging HiPIMS technology and its excellent finishing capabilities, we excel in finely calibrating platinum coatings even at ultra-low loads, as thin as 10 nm. This level of precision is crucial in achieving optimal performance while significantly minimizing platinum loading.

Furthermore, harnessing the high power output of our HiPIMS technology, we can create highly effective corrosion barriers. This capability allows us to enable the use of stainless steel components with reduced degradation in PEM electrolysis conditions. The power of HiPIMS translates into enhanced protection and longevity for essential components, ensuring sustained performance in demanding environments


Our HiPIMS technology enables the deposition of ultra-dense MCO coatings for SOFC applications. The significantly higher density achieved through this process helps minimize chromium vaporization on interconnects. This reduction plays a vital role in enhancing both the performance and durability of the stacks, contributing to a more efficient and long-lasting SOFC/SOEC systems

In addition, these advantages extend the temperature operating range for materials comprising SOEC stacks. This breakthrough allows for a significant scaling up of production, reducing both time and costs associated with manufacturing


We are actively engaged in pioneering new materials for AEM technology. Our current developments involve creating dense Ni barrier layers to protect bipolar plates from corrosion with HiPIMS technology.

 Additionally, we are in the research phase, working on coatings for Ni nanocolumnar electrodes that offer heightened specific activity and tailored hydrophobic properties for enhanced performance.