High Precision Machining

HiPIMS: unmatched finishing for superior machining performance.

Explore N4E coatings, our series of wear-resistant coatings crafted using cutting-edge bipolar HiPIMS technology. Distinguished for their exceptional surface smoothness and exceptional coating density, N4E coatings stand as versatile solutions across a diverse spectrum of industrial applications.

This remarkable achievement stems from the precisely calibrated energy imparted by bipolar HiPIMS, ensuring not only superior surface finishing but also unmatched technical precision tailored to your specific requirements.

High temperature alloys, hardened and stainless steel

Machining hardened, stainless steels, or high-temperature alloys demands a coating capable of withstanding intense thermal stress, offering exceptional toughness and wear resistance. TiSiN-based coatings have become the preferred choice for hard machining up to HRC 70, ensuring tools perform reliably under these demanding conditions.

Our TiSiN-based coatings are the result of cutting-edge bipolar HiPIMS technology, producing exceptionally smooth, defect-free surfaces. These coatings offer precision in thickness distribution, protecting cutting edges uniformly, even for microtools. This results in exceptional wear and oxidation resistance, vital for enduring extreme temperatures during hard machining, and ultimately extends tool lifespan.

Ductile alloys and stamping challenging materials.

High-precision tools are essential for producing components with superior surfaces and precision. However, tool accuracy tends to diminish with use. Enter our AlTiBN-based coatings, benefiting from the remarkable finishing properties of bipolar HiPIM. Its revolutionary smooth finish, along with excellent adhesion to the substrate, guarantees exceptional surface quality and, subsequently, high production standards. Furthermore, our nanostructured AlTiBN-based coatings exhibit significantly reduced susceptibility to built-up edge formation.

Non-ferrous metals

Our carbon coating is tailor-made for precision aluminum machining, especially with sharp cutting edges. The high sp3 content and low friction, derived from the use of advanced bipolar HiPIMS technology, prevents built-up edge formation. In addition, its exceptionally low friction properties ensure optimal chip removal and effectively reduce cutting process temperatures.

The coating structure is amorphous and dense, which not only minimizes diffusion but also significantly mitigates wear at elevated operating temperatures, extending tool life dramatically. Exceptional adhesion, coupled with a formidable hardness of 4,000 HV and enhanced ductility, empowers a great performance in both wet and dry machining scenarios. Consequently, tools featuring our carbon coating excel in aluminum, copper, and titanium machining, consistently delivering top-tier performance.