Coating solutions

PVD coatings adapted to our customers needs.

We rely on our R+D background to provide adaptive coating solutions to match our customer needs.

Our coating portfolio provides high performance in several highly demanded industrial applications. In addition, Nano4Energy offers the possibility of developing tailor-made coatings for novel applications. 

Carbon-based coatings

The application of novel bipolar HiPIMS technology provides more energetic deposition conditions. The increase in energy of the arriving ions allows synthetizing carbon structures with higher sp3 contents, enhancing density and smoothness.

Hard nanostructured nitride coatings

Superhard coatings with enhanced toughness can be realized by doping AlTiN- and AlCrN- based coatings with Silicon and Boron. Our nanostructured coatings show astounding features like defect-free finishing or higher thermal resistance. 

Tailor-made coatings

Our expertise serves the industry to find the most advanced solutions through HiPIMS technology. The knowledge obtained in laboratory is transferred to industry with accurate reproducibility and control. The use of the most advanced characterization techniques brings extra value for the highest quality coatings and processes.

Other services