Efussion cells for organics_old

Efussion cells for organics

Thin film vacuum polymerisation methods have gained interest over the past 20 years. Barrier applications such those on the food packaging and lighting industry have been benefiting from the advances in the industrialization of such methods. Other applications like OLED and PV cells have increased over the last 10 years.Mc12

In most of these applications the control of the thin film vacuum polymer deposition is a limiting factor in terms of performance, reproducibility, control and the economics of large scale manufacturing.

Nano4Energy in collaboration with Gencoa present a new method of monomer injections which is suitable for a large family of monomer species with different vapour pressure characteristics. This type of injectors offers a easy upscalability for large area production and control. The injectors introduce pulses of monomers which could undergo polymerisation reactions via suitable activation methods, such as chemical, electron bombardment, ion bombardment, UV flash and different plasma activations.

 The monomer injector has been recently tested in a magnetron based vacuum plasma system.