Plasma Sputtering R&D

Sputtering is a physical vapor “PVD” method for depositing thin films onto a surface (substrate). A plasma is created by applying a high voltage to a source material in a magnetic field and thereby accelerating ions towards a substrate where the thin film is deposited. The composition and characteristics of the films can be controlled at a atomic scale. Nano4Energy uses DC, AC as well as HIPIMS power supplies to achieve the optimal conditions for each case.

Adhesion engineering

A good coating is nothing if it is not adhering. Therefore, a lot of our efforts go into adhesion engineering for different base materials and coatings in various combinations.

  • Etching processes
  • Metal Ion etching and implantation using HiPIMS
  • Oxygen ion etching for insulating substrates
  • Positive pulse assisted ion etching by HiPIMS and pulsed DC
  • Gradient layers
  • Multilayered stacks
  • Coating stress engineering