Tools & Microtools

The highest precision with our ultra-smooth and defect-free coatings.

Demand for smaller and more intricate machined components increases as more industries transition to smaller, more complex components. Micromachining will become vitally important to a precision manufacturing company’s work. Micromachined parts are used for various applications and are found in nearly everything we touch today, especially in the consumer electronics and the medical device markets. In order to effectively create these small micromachined parts, you need machinery with high accuracy motion systems with sub-micron resolution, high-speed spindles and then miniature high-speed cutting tools.

Ultra-smooth N4E coatings deposited by the latest HiPIMS technology provide multiple benefits in micromachining operations. Smoothness reduces the built-up edge formation and shortens the contact time between chip and tool. Thus the heat input is reduced and the oxidation resistance is enhanced. Our energetic HiPIMS process also allow depositing harder coatings, with residual stress control and enhanced adhesion. Besides, with composition control and a proper coating’s architecture design, it is possible to generate nanostructured coatings with improved toughness, very dense morphology and higher thermal stability.

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