Optical anti-scratch

Ultimate protection against everyday scratches and bumps for your device.

Most smart devices are covered with glass specifically engineered to protect against drops and other damage. But devices with that glass are still prone to scratches produced from daily use. Glass manufacturers have continuously improved in toughness, but there is plenty of room for improvement in scratch and abrasion resistance.

MN4E together with Gencoa have developed a new transparent coating G-DLC based on HiPIMS V+ technology that is highly resistant to scratches. Highly energetic sputtering processes obtained with HiPIMS V+ tech allow obtaining a carbon coating with enhanced diamond character.

       Higher transmittance. Light transmission can be as high as >90%, with transmittance losses below 0.7%

       Superior anti-scratch resistance: 5x scratch resistance compared to uncoated tempered glass

       Mohs 7: no visible scratch marks in different glass type applications

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